Body In Motion Chiropractic offers Body Composition testing using the Muscle Sound diagnostic ultrasound system.

Proven to be faster, more efficient and more comfortable than other leading body composition testing methods, Muscle Sound Body Composition Testing is the clear choice for accurate results. The advanced digital capabilities provide easy to understand comprehensive reports that are generated immediately and include a full, personalized history.

The system includes 7 individual scans at locations around the body using diagnostic ultrasound to generate an accurate, real-time assessment of both body fat and lean muscle composition. This non-invasive testing procedure won't be affected by hydration or environmental factors. No need for a full body dunk or to be enclosed in a claustrophobic pod; just quick and accurate results that you can track over time.

How it works

Using diagnostic ultrasound images, we scan 7 sites for complete and accurate results. By visualizing the actual tissue layers, we can obtain true values for both body fat and lean muscle density. Measurements are instantly calculated from the images and relayed in a comprehensive report of body composition, lean muscle mass and body fat distribution. Subsequent scans include a full comparison to past results to track progress over time. 

We offer single scans as well as packages of scans that can be used over time to track your progress. We are also available to do on-site testing for your business or organization.

For pricing and to schedule a testing session, please call our office at 720-376-9037.