Body In Motion Chiropractic offers muscle health testing using the Muscle Sound diagnostic ultrasound system.

The body stores carbohydrates at the muscular level as glycogen, which is the primary source of energy during exercise. By measuring the glycogen levels we can direct both training and rehabilitation along the most efficient path possible. 

Using diagnostic images of muscle tissue, the Muscle Sound system calculates the glycogen concentration. From these values, we can determine the relative health of the muscle tissue, and when compared to prior tests over time, we can chart the optimal performance level for the muscle. Each scan comes with a comprehensive report that outlines the overall energy levels of the muscle. We can also compare test results to determine imbalances from left to right and to track the rehabilitation of muscle tissue after injury. 

We offer single scans as well as packages of scans that can be used over time to track your progress. We are also available to do on-site testing for your business or organization.

For pricing and to schedule a testing session, please call our office at 720-376-9037.