Do you worry about muscle overuse in your young athlete? Are you hearing complaints about achy joints or muscles and aren’t sure what to do for them?

This is a common concern for many parents; athletics have changed dramatically for our youth with laser focus on one sport, long seasons and long training sessions becoming the norm. Instead of accepting that these injuries can happen we want to try and prevent them from side-lining your children so they can stay out on the fields, courts and rinks for many years to come. We take a combined approach to joint mobility and stability, teaching age-appropriate strength exercises. After working with Dr. Dukes, your children will have the correct foundation for whatever athletic endeavors they wish to pursue.

As well as working with young athletes on injury rehabilitation, we also offer the following programs for individuals and athletic organizations:

  1. Clinics for youth sports teams - sport specific warm-ups and age-appropriate strength work to prevent injury.

  2. Balance and strength conditioning exercises - foundational movement patterns to make sure they are getting the most out of their bodies in the safest way possible.

  3. Off-season exercises - workout routines designed to strengthen weak or overused areas.