Common Errors in Exercise Form

As Colorado residents we're always very proud of the fact that we're one of the most active areas in the country. We have abundant opportunities at our doorstep to get outside and run, bike or climb in pretty much any direction we choose. The other advantage that we're now seeing come into full bloom is the boom of fitness and training options available to us in the front range. From high-intensity interval training classes, spin classes and climbing gyms to yoga, pilates and barre fitness studios there is an option on seemingly every block to keep us moving without ever having to battle I-70 traffic to the mountains. 

While we love the enthusiasm that we see, there are a few exercises that tend to sideline even the best of us when not done correctly. Increased focus on strength training has brought the trio of squats, lunges and dead lifts into the mainstream and has integrated them into almost every fitness program out there. All three are great exercises that build strength in the largest muscle groups of the body, but a few missteps in form can put you at risk for unwanted injury.

In the series of videos below, Dr. Justin Dukes outlines the most commonly seen form errors in each of these movements and gives tips on how to correct them.

Common Form Errors in Squats:

Correction of common form errors with both body weight and weighted squats

Common Form Errors in Lunges:

Correction of common form errors with both body weight and weighted lunges

Common Form Errors in Straight-Leg Deadlift:

Common form errors and corrections for straight leg deadlift.